About Us


Based in Los Angeles, California, Design Premise is a web solution providing company which has been serving professional website development, efficient content management, strategic analysis, website evaluation and email marketing services 2005 - 2013. Whether your interest is website development or promoting your sales through e-marketing, Design Premise helps you take full advantage of digital power based on the web including mobile technology and strengthen your relationship with your customers through effective and various communication channels.

The symbol presents new shoots sprouted from tiny seeds. It is rendered with the initials of Design Premise.
"We know how many seeds are in an apple. But we never know how many apples in a seed."
Not only with ability, but also with full of vitality, we will grow on and on.

Mission & Vision

“Over the net, through the web”
Utilize web solutions usefully for human and the relation between human beings.

Focused Technologies

Web Framework: Ruby on Rails
• Front-end: jQuery
• Database: MySQL
• OS: Linux Server

Key Personnel

Anne A. Kong, Founder
   Web consultant, 15 years of web development experience as a web designer.
   Contents planner, technical writer and software developer.

Sam S. Kong, President & CEO
   Senior programmer, 17 years of programming experience from windows application to the web-based solution.
   Windows/Linux Server Administrator, Server-side troubleshooting expert, Ruby on Rails developer

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Internet Information Search & Website Development Award
   Minister of Information and Communication, KOREA, 1999


Internet Guidebook
   Samgakhyung Press (ISBN: 8974677032 / 478 pages), KOREA, 1999